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    About Subway Surfers Miami

    Subway Surfers Miami is a version of the game that is set in the sunny and vibrant city of Miami, Florida, USA.

    New features

    Subway Surfers: Miami is a version of the game that is set in the sunny and vibrant city of Miami, Florida, USA. Here are some best features of this version:

    1. Miami Setting: The game features the sunny and colorful beaches and streets of Miami, with palm trees and graffiti art in the background. The environment captures the lively and energetic vibe of the city.
    2. New Character: In Subway Surfers: Miami, players can play as Nick, a new character who is a cool and laid-back guy. He wears a stylish and trendy outfit that reflects the fashion sense of Miami.
    3. New Hoverboard: The game introduces a new hoverboard called the Flamingo board. It is designed to look like a flamingo, with pink feathers and black beak and legs. It is a fun and unique addition to the game that fits the tropical atmosphere of Miami.
    4. New Outfits: Players can unlock new outfits for Nick, including a surfer outfit and a hip-hop outfit. These outfits reflect the beach and urban culture of Miami.
    5. Weekly Hunts: The game features weekly hunts where players can collect special items and earn rewards. In Subway Surfers: Miami, the hunts take place in different locations around the city, such as the Ocean Drive and the Wynwood Walls.
    6. Special Miami Power-ups: The game features special power-ups that are unique to this version, such as the Super Sneakers and the Jetpack. These power-ups help players to collect more coins and achieve higher scores while experiencing the unique Miami culture.

    Overall, Subway Surfers Miami offers a fun and exciting experience that captures the essence of the city of Miami. The game features new characters, hoverboards, and outfits, as well as weekly hunts and special Miami power-ups that keep the gameplay fresh and enjoyable.

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